This blog is about hope. It is about the will to find life in the darkest places. It is about surviving realities that must never be and yet were.

This blog is about difficult matters. It is about rape, terror, and trauma, but it is also about the sanctity and holiness found in places that are too frightening to visit, even in the imagination. Although this blog starts with the experience of trauma, it is first and foremost about humanity: how we can make sense of things that should never ever be.

Far too often trauma is viewed as a medical condition to be overcome. In fact, trauma is a lens that brings into focus the deepest values we have as human beings. The goal of this blog is to explore this lens.

There will be no simple answers here. The lessons of trauma require all of human creativity. Even then there are not enough words or images or sounds or actions to explain or evoke all of the wisdom that can be found for those who demand meaning from their experiences.

I write and so the first posts of this blog will express the meaning of trauma in words. But hopefully others will join me and together we will draw on any discipline or art available to communicate what this experience means, what wisdom we gained when we looked through the lens of trauma.

Although rape will be the focus, from time to time this blog will discuss other kinds of interpersonal trauma. As with rape, all interpersonal trauma disrupts the delicate web of faith that binds us together into a human community and keeps us hopeful through the rough times of life. Even more than a lens, trauma is a furnace in which false hopes die and true hopes are refined.

This is a blog about reality, not as we wish it, but as it is. It is about how we can hold the reality of terror in one hand and the reality of hope in the other. It is about embracing one without denying the reality of the other. It is about life.